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Have you ever wanted to actually be a part of the music you listen to? Well that’s just what London songstress Imogen Heap is offering with her newly announced song, tentatively titled ‘#HeapSong1′.

Heap plans to open up her music to her fans as they provide the inspiration for her new material. From 14 March you’ll be able to submit short sound clips, be it your cat’s meow or you banging on pots and pans, via soundcloud to her #heapsong1 microsite. Over the course of the following three days fans will be asked to submit words, pictures and moving images, from which Heap will draw inspiration and begin writing.

By 21 March, Heap aims to have completed the track and will film and edit an accompanying video for release on 28 March. The ambitious project won’t stop there, however, as the song’s premiere will take place in parallel with a live remix by Tim Exile, who will also be hearing it for the first time. Heap says that ‘the unknown nature of what it will sound like is so exciting to me. I often thrive on a deadline and creative limitations. I want to really put myself to the test and I’m going to have fun doing it!’

Heap plans to create a full new album over the course of the next three years, as she writes and releases a new track every three months, video blogging as she produces the goods. Talking about this unusual release schedule, Heaps says, ‘there’s so much going on in my life with touring, talks and tech that the choice to do this was both a temporal necessity coupled with my passion for collaborative, spontaneous and creative projects.’ By releasing the tracks as soon as they’re ready, Heap hopes to keep them relevant to the time they are created. Fans of physical copies needn’t fret; once the songs are all completed we’re promised a full album release to follow-up 2009’s Ellipse.

You can join in the project on www.imogenheap.com. Fans involved in the final recording and visuals will get to join Heap in a special release party for the track on 28 March.

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